The Photography & Styling Masterclass

The thing standing between you and better pics is NOT your camera!

Forget throwing your money away on fancy new equipment and obsessing over your camera settings…

Professional, magazine-worthy photographs can be made just as easily if you know the tricks of the trade!

Dip your toes into the world of lighting, styling, and composition and your pics can go from good to next level GREAT quicker than you know it. (…But really, your pics can look just like these with a little practice — and a little help from me, of course! 😉).


One of the best courses I have ever bought

This is one of the best courses I have ever bought. After your course I realized how much I have to change in my photography. I started to look at props in a totally different way. I really hope I will be able to do some pictures just half as good as yours. You have a very good taste but you are extraordinary teacher. Thank you!

/Edyta Sørensen

I will definitely see the course many more times

It was/is a pleasure to follow your course. It is and was very inspiring, you are a great teacher! I have so many new things in my head that I would now like to implement. Now all I have to do is practice, practice, practice 😉. I will definitely see the course many more times, because I am sure that I can get even more out of it for myself.

/Claudia Gliss

Easily explained with lots of examples

Thank you very much 🙂 This course is so good – informative and easily explained with lots of examples of what not to do and what to do instead. I’m so glad I found you <3

/Helene Lykke

You only have ONE second to grab their attention. Don’t waste it!

What if you could make the viewer stop scrolling when they see your photo?

Inside The Photography & Styling Masterclass, I teach you my exact strategies for creating photos that make you stand out from the rest!
Studio and light setup

Module 1

Studio + Light Setup

Do your photos look flat and “boring”? If they do, it probably comes down to lighting. (Tip from an expert: when it comes to photography, lighting is EVERYTHING!). In this module you’ll learn how to use the magic of natural light to your advantage and manipulate it to create a sense of depth that really sets the tone for the photo. You’ll also learn how to set-up a photo studio right within the walls of your home — with items you already have lying around!
Visual Storytelling

Module 2

Visual Storytelling

Photography is so much more than just capturing a moment. In this module, you’ll learn not only how to create a mood with your photo, but how to tell a story with it. I’ll also be equipping you with the tools for creating beautiful, compelling photos that reach out to the viewer, grab them by the hand, and pull them in (connection is CRUCIAL!). I promise you: this module is guaranteed to be an absolute game-changer in your photography career!
Composition Techniqes

Module 3

Composition Techniques

You might not be a professional, but you’re about to feel like one after completing this module. In this part of your learning journey, we’ll be taking a deep dive into some of the most powerful composition techniques that only the best of the best photographers and stylists use. Layering, Leading Lines, Colour Composition and many more — you’re going to learn them ALL in this module. The days of guessing what makes a good photo are OVER! 😊
Planning Photoshoot

Module 4

Planning the Photoshoot

This final module ties it all together by handing you the blueprint for planning and executing a shoot that is not only seamless, but is also guaranteed to produce amazing photos every time. You will also learn all about how to use props and backgrounds to create an authentic and intentional look.
Learn at Your Own Pace

With 24/7 lifetime access to the content you can go through the course whenever/wherever you want at your own pace.

Money Back Guarantee

30-days money back guarantee in case you don’t see any improvements after finishing the course.

DSLR or Smartphone

The techniques taught in this course works for any type of camera – from DSLR cameras to smartphones.

About the teacher

Here’s the thing, you guys. Learning from failure is one of the best ways to learn. I, personally, have failed plenty…so now YOU don’t have to! 😊

My journey with photography started out with me determined to become a professional at all things overnight. I did everything I thought I was supposed to do: bought a fancy camera, invested in expensive lenses, and spent WAY more hours than I care to admit trying to perfect the camera settings. But, guess what? (…you probably saw this coming) — I STILL wasn’t happy with my photos!

It wasn’t until I started experimenting with different lighting, composition, and storytelling techniques that I actually saw improvements I was happy with. Many years and many lessons later, I run my very own business (Blomverket) with my sisters-in law, shoot ALL of our product photos, and have never felt more empowered in my ability to create a story with my art.

What’s my next step, you ask? Putting all of the knowledge I wish I had when I was first starting out into a course, of course! Join me TODAY and take the first step towards feeling empowered in your photography abilities. I absolutely can’t WAIT to see the stories you’ve been dying to tell…

Instructor of Photography & Styling Masterclass

Invest in yourself

And take your passion to the next level!

Photography and styling onlinecourse
This is the content we will cover in the masterclass:

MODULE 1: Studio + Light Setup

1.1 Introduction00:01:00
1.2 Background Story00:01:38
1.3 The Studio Setup00:03:41
1.4 The Lighting Setup00:12:05
1.5 The Setup for Dark and Moody photos00:02:41
1.6 The Camera Angles00:06:20

MODULE 2: Visual Storytelling

2.1 Introduction00:03:03
2.2 Visual Storytelling Strategies00:09:39

MODULE 3: Composition Techniques

3.1 Introduction00:01:22
3.2 Visual Balance & Visual Hierarchy00:06:15
3.3 The Rule of Thirds00:01:45
3.4 Framing00:03:11
3.5 Layering00:09:19
3.6 Leading Lines00:03:28
3.7 Negative Space00:02:45
3.8 The Rule of Odds00:02:38
3.9 Color Composition00:10:59
3.10 Intentional Cropping00:04:45

MODULE 4: Plan your photoshoot

4.1 Introduction00:01:07
4.2 The Preparation Process00:06:39
4.3 Selecting Backgrounds00:05:13
4.4 Selecting Props00:07:03
4.5 Closing Thoughts00:01:45

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