The Photography & Styling Masterclass

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It’s not the camera, the camera settings or the lens that are holding your photos back!
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You only have a few seconds

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What if you could make the viewer stop scrolling when they see your photo?


Inside The Photography & Styling Masterclass® I’m teaching you my exact strategies for creating scroll-stopping photos!
Studio and light setup

Module 1

Studio + Light Setup

Do your photos look flat and “boring”? Lighting plays a huge role in your photography! In this module you’ll learn how to master natural light and how to work with light and shadows to create depth and set the mood in your photos. You’ll also learn how to setup a photo studio in the corner of your livingroom (with things you already have at home).
Visual Storytelling

Module 2

Visual Storytelling

Photography is so much more than just capturing a moment. In this module you’ll learn how to set a mood in a photo and how effectively tell a story with your photo. I’ll also teach you the strategies for creating beautiful and compelling photos that connects with the viewer. I promise you, this module will be a game-changer for your photography career!
Composition Techniqes

Module 3

Composition Techniques

In this module we dive into some of the most powerful composition techniques that professional photographers and stylists use. You will learn different styling techniques like Layering, Leading Lines, Colour Composition and many more. After this module you no longer have to guess what makes a good photo!
Planning Photoshoot

Module 4

Planning the Photoshoot

In the final module I’ll teach you my repeatable workflow for how to plan the photoshoot to get amazing photos and to become more effective during the actual shoot. You will also learn how to select the right props and backgrounds to make your photos look authentic and convey the message you intented.

Hey there!

When I first started out with photography I took all sorts of photos – landscapes, weddings, products, portraits, food… I was all over the place and I tried to master all of it at once. I also bought a fancy camera, expensive lenses and spent countless hours perfecting the camera settings but still I wasn’t happy with the photos.

It wasn’t until I started to study different lighting and composition techniques and learned about visual storytelling that I was able to get to the next level! I’ve now put together everything I wish someone taught me into a course! I hope you’ll join me! It won’t be a waste of your time, I promise! 🙂
Instructor of Photography & Styling Masterclass

Invest in yourself

And take your passion to the next level!

Photography and styling onlinecourse
This is the content we will cover in the masterclass:

MODULE 1: Studio + Light Setup

1.1 Introduction00:01:00
1.2 Background Story00:01:38
1.3 The Studio Setup00:03:41
1.4 The Lighting Setup00:12:05
1.5 The Setup for Dark and Moody photos00:02:41
1.6 The Camera Angles00:06:20

MODULE 2: Visual Storytelling

2.1 Introduction00:03:03
2.2 Visual Storytelling Strategies00:09:39

MODULE 3: Composition Techniques

3.1 Introduction00:01:22
3.2 Visual Balance & Visual Hierarchy00:06:15
3.3 The Rule of Thirds00:01:45
3.4 Framing00:03:11
3.5 Layering00:09:19
3.6 Leading Lines00:03:28
3.7 Negative Space00:02:45
3.8 The Rule of Odds00:02:38
3.9 Color Composition00:10:59
3.10 Intentional Cropping00:04:45

MODULE 4: Plan your photoshoot

4.1 Introduction00:01:07
4.2 The Preparation Process00:06:39
4.3 Selecting Backgrounds00:05:13
4.4 Selecting Props00:07:03
4.5 Closing Thoughts00:01:45

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