Master PHOTOSHOP like a pro


In this guide I will teach you how to edit photos in Photoshop like a pro! I will equip you with the no-fluff, to-the-point knowledge that you need to transform your photos from “boring” to magazine-worthy.

In the step-by-step tutorials you will learn how to edit a “still life” flatlay scene as well as retouch of portraits. In just a few steps you will be able to add some *magic* to the photos.

Together with the guide you’ll get the original JPEG-files (as well as the Photoshop files for reference) so that you easily can follow along.


As incredibly useful and powerful as Photoshop can be in your creative business (or even just as part of your hobby), it can be extremely time-consuming – portraits especially. That being said, my goal in creating this guide is to teach you the basics of Photoshop editing in a way that feels manageable. Hopefully, after reading through the instructions and trying out a few practice rounds on your own, the task of adding a unique flair to your work will become a “thank you, next” rather than an “ugh, maybe tomorrow” kinda thing!

First part of the guide covers the Photoshop Fundamentals (things like the toolbar, how to apply filters, how to use adjustment layers, etc). This part is designed for Photoshop newbies or those who need a little refresher. If you feel pretty confident with the Photoshop basics and  looking to get straight to the nitty gritty, you can jump straight to the second part of the guide where we’ll dive into more specifics and step-by-step tutorials.


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