How to pose with flowers: 6 ideas to try out!

Looking for different ways to pose your model using a bouquet of flowers?

Being the co-founder and product photographer for Blomverket (flower subscription service here in Sweden) it’s no secret that I absolutely love photographing  flowers in any shape or form. In my opinion there is no better prop! 😜 Flowers make people happy (did you know that it’s scientifically proven that flowers make you feel better?) and incorporating flowers into your photos is a great way to create engaging and creative content.

So let me give you my absolute favorite ways to pose with flowers. All you  need is a model (or you use a remote control and include yourself instead) and some flowers! All of the photos below are taken in my living room with a very simple setup using just natural light (this how I get the dark & moody look).

1. Hold in front of you

The first pose that  you can try is to just grab a bunch of flowers and hold them in front of you.

With this pose you can play around with the depth of field. Having a pretty narrow depth of field (where you let the flowers or the model be in focus and the rest is blurred out) will, for sure, add dimension to your photo.  You can also play  around with the positioning of the flowers and with the facial poses of the model and where they  are looking.

2. Smell the flowers

Second pose to try is to “smell the flowers”. You just  hold the flowers (either the whole bouquet or just a few stems)  in front of  your  face, close your eyes  and pretend to smell them!  Decide if you want the  flowers to be the focus and you blurred out or the other way around. Both options work very well! 

3. Hold in front of a skirt

This pose is super cute and so fun to photograph! You or your model holds the flower bouquet  in front of a beautiful skirt or dress!

Play around with different outfits and if you’re wearing a flowy dress/skirt you should try twirling! Twirling adds movement to the photo  and makes it  feel more authentic and glamorous!

4. On your shoulder

This pose, where you (or your model) hold the flowers on the shoulder is getting really popular nowadays and I see it everywhere on Instagram & Pinterest! 

Play around with different facial poses (turn away your face from the camera or look over the shoulder), this one is impossible to fail!

5. Stick in from the side

A great way to show off your flowers is to let them stick in from the side. By letting the flowers fill up the entire frame (only the arm and hand will show) you make sure that the flowers will be in focus! Play around with different clothing, jewellery, nail polish. You can also wrap the bouquet in a beautiful paper and a nice satin band for a more exclusive look.

6. Place the flowers into the clothing

Another pose that I like is to place the flowers into the clothing of the model! It could be in the back pocket, in the waist or in the socks!

I hope you liked the ideas! Comment below and let med know if you have any other favorite pose when you photograph flowers or if you tried any of the poses above. I would love to see the result! You can also visit my Pinterest board for more ideas on how to pose with flowers.

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